Mit Dansk Eventyr

The Beginning of My Semester Abroad

Hello! Welcome to mit danske eventyr — my study abroad blog for DIS Copenhagen. My name is Bronwyn and over the next semester, I will be abroad studying human rights and armed conflict through DIS: Copenhagen. “Mit danske eventyr” is danish for “my danish adventure.” Studying abroad is a huge adventure and I look forward to every second of it!

On this blog I will be posting about life in Copenhagen, my classes, and travels with friends! I hope to explore the amazing country of Denmark to the fullest and provide readers with all the information they need to know about studying abroad through DIS.

My Housing: Outdoor LLC

Choosing my housing was probably the hardest about finishing my DIS acceptance workshop because there were so many options. Living in the outdoor living learning community was not my first choice, it has easily been one of the best features of my study abroad experience. Over the past few months, I’ve been basically living atContinue reading “My Housing: Outdoor LLC”

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